Inductors for active PFC

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Standard inductors for active PFCs are the most immediate solution for the PFC pre-regulators design.

They are usually in stock and they are best suited to a wide range of needs, covering the whole power range where the TM mode is the most effective solution.

They have been designed for “Transition mode” PFCs (TM, sometimes called “Boundary” or “Critical” mode), however they are often also used in “Continous
mode” PFCs (CCM) with moderate power.

The multiple inductor is a component with various inductance values and consequent operating frequencies, allowing a flexible use in both applications and test

Any other PFC inductor can be supplied as custom product, we also design inductors for continous mode (CCM) PFC.

Our experience and proprietary softwares enable a fast service and an accurate design allowing

• Excellent power/dimensions ratio .
• Low losses, with benefits on temperature and efficiency.
• use with all popular PFC controllers.
• use for both World-Wide or European mains voltage ranges.


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