02-384F alternative for TOKO DFE252012R

Alternative to TOKO DFE252012R

DFE252012R CT SERIES 0.24uH – 4.7uH

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Also available:

DFE252012R CT SERIES 0.24uH – 2.2uH

DFE252012R CT SERIES 0.47uH – 2.2uH

DFE252012R CT SERIES 1.0uH – 4.7uH

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Product Code Description Inductance Stock
0238424 02-384F-R24M 0.24uH
0238433 02-384F-R33M 0.33uH
0238447 02-384F-R47M 0.47uH
0238468 02-384F-R68M 0.68uH
0238410 02-384F-1R0M 1.0uH
0238415 02-384F-1R5M 1.5uH
0238422 02-384F-2R2M 2.2uH
0238447 02-384F-4R7M 4.7uH


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