TOKO Common Mode Choke for Automotive Power Line

TOKO Inc., has released it’s new series of SMD-type common mode choke coils, which are designed as a countermeasure for noise from automotive electronic controller DC power lines.

This product, TOKO UCMH0907, supports up to 5 A, and is ideal for suppressing noise from the large numbers of electrical accessories pumps, air conditioning, power steering, brakes, etc

As technology advances for energy saving in automobiles, accessories are being electrified to enhance fuel economy and automobiles are being developed that use electric power as the main source of motive power, such as Electric Vehicles (EV) and Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV).

The various applications and motors widely used in these automobiles generate electromagnetic noise when rotating, and this electromagnetic noise must be reduced to avoid adversely affecting the on-board electronic equipment. In addition, common mode choke coils are also used in circuits other than motors, such as DC-DC converters and charging circuits, to reduce the common mode noise that leaks from power lines to each part.

The common mode choke coils used in automotive power lines must support large currents, and possess the reliability required of automobiles.

TOKO UCMH0907 is RoHS compliant as well as being AEC-Q200 compliant.