PULS Baby Silverline DIN Rail Power Supply

The PULS Baby SilverLine SL2.100 DIN Rail Power Supply is the “classic unit” – with a wide power range and a compact, rugged metal housing, it has been proven millions of times!

The Power range is from 40 to 960W, with compact dimensions of 49mm W x 124mm H x 102 mm D. The weight is just 460g.

The PULS Baby Silverline design features easy-to-reach connection blocks, conveniently mounted on the front panel. The Baby Silverline DIN rail power supply uses longlife electrolytics, specified for +105°C. The Power Supply meets NEC Class 2 specifications.

Overload Behaviour

The PULS Baby Silverline design also features a high overload current, with no switch-off. There is no disconnection, not even a “hiccup” if the Power Supply is overloaded, when subject to a high overload current.

This Overload Behaviour has the following advantages:

  • High short-circuit current, giving large ’start-up window’ – the unit starts reliably even with awkward loads (eg DC-DC converters, motors)
  • No ’sticking’ such as can occur with fold-back characteristics
  • Secondary fuses operate reliably

Main Characteristics

Input voltage: AC100-120/220-240 V (switchable), 47-63 Hz (85-132 VAC / 176-264 VAC, 160-375 VDC

Quasi-Wide-Range Input: With the switch in the 230V position the power-supply unit operates at low and moderate loads at any input voltage between 95 and 264 V AC

Output voltage: 24 V DC +5% –1% (12V on request)

Output noise suppression: Radiated EMI values below EN 61000-6-3, even when using long, unscreened output cables

More information on PULS Power Supplies from BEC

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