VISHAY IHLP2012CF ALTERNATIVE 02-327F Series From 0.33uH to 10uH

Type: IHLP2012CF
Prefix: 02-327F
BEC Prefix: 02327 02-327F.pdf

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Description: SMD (shielded) power inductor.
Applications: Notebook, Desktop, Server applications, Low pro le, high current power supplies, battery powered devices, DC/DC converter for Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). Operating Temperature: -40°C to +125°C (The part temperature (ambient + temp. rise) should not exceed 125°C under worst case operating conditions. Circuit design, component placement, PWB trace size and thickness, air ow and other cooling provisions all affect the part temperature. Part temperature should be veri ed in the end application)
Inductance Tolerance: ±20%
Testing: Inductance is tested on an HP4285A at 100KHz, 1.0V Packaging: Tape & Reel.
Marking: Parts are marked with inductance code. Miscellaneous: RoHS Compliant.
Additional Information: Additional electrical & physical information available upon request.

Product Range with Stock Levels
Product Code Description Inductance uH Free Stock
327R33 02-327F-R33M 0.33 Search Stock >>
327R47 02-327F-R47M 0.47 Search Stock >>
327R68 02-327F-R68M 0.68 Search Stock >>
3271R0 02-327F-1R0M 1.00 Search Stock >>
3271R2 02-327F-1R2M 1.2 Search Stock >>
3271R5 02-327F-1R5M 1.5 Search Stock >>
3272R2 02-327F-2R2M 2.2 Search Stock >>
3273R3 02-327F-3R3M 3.3 Search Stock >>
3274R7 02-327F-4R7M 4.7 Search Stock >>
3275R6 02-327F-5R6M 5.6 Search Stock >>
3276R8 02-327F-6R8M 6.8 Search Stock >>
327100 02-327F-100M 10 Search Stock >>


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