New UU15.7FT Series (CM choke): Flat Wire Common Mode Chokes

New UU15.7FT Series (CM choke): Flat Wire Common Mode Chokes

Coilmaster Electronics has released a new series of common mode choke. The flat wire product UU15.7FT series comes in a reduced size that allows for a higher current per unit volume when compared to normal common mode choke which with round copper wire.

The new UU15.7FT series suppresses common mode choke EMI noise on any AC/DC, DC/DC or DC/AC circuit, offers a compact design, and low energy loss for your applications.

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UU15.7FT series Key Feature

* For excellent EMI suppressor
* High-frequency suppression and low loss
* Integrated common mode coils and difference inductor together
* RoHS /REACH compliant (Pb-free)
* Customized specifications are accepted
UU15.7FT series Applications

* Ideal for LED driver and ballast SMPS application
* High power switch-mode power supplies for consumer electronics
* Electronics ballasts for lamps
* Solar
* Motor Drives
* Industrial Control
* EV Charging
* Smart Grid
* Power Generation


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