Vin: 24-28.8Vdc / Vout: 24V;20A


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Buffer unit to bridge 24V brown-outs and black-outs

No service required, utilizes electrolytic capacitors

Can be connected parallel to the load

Various signals for remote monitoring included

Full output power between -10 and +70

MTBF value 480,000Hrs
MTBF 480,000Hrs at 40°C
Temp max 70.0°C
Temp min -10.0°C
Depth 102.0mm
Height 124.0mm
Length 64.0mm
Weight 0.740Kg
Power 450.0W
INPUT DC hi 28.8Vdc
INPUT DC low 24.0Vdc
Mounting DIN RAIL
Category UPS
Supplier PULS
MTBF temp 40°C
Qty A 1

Additional Info

Additional information
SLV20.200 Datasheet.pdf
SLV20.200 Instruction manual.pdf
SLV20.200 EC Declaration of Conformity.pdf
SLV20.200 RoHS Status.pdf
SLV20.200 Functional Diagram.jpg
SLV20.200 Front Plate Diagram.gif
SLV20.200 Press Image.jpg
SLV20.200 2D Mechanical CAD Drawing DXF
SLV20.200 2D Mechanical CAD Drawing DWG
UL508 LISTING Canada.pdf
UL 60950-1 Recognition.pdf
UL 60950-1 Recognition Canada.pdf
SLV20.200 IEC 60950 CB Scheme Certificate.pdf
GOST Certificate (Russia).pdf


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