RB/6 Series

Fixed power wirewound resistors aluminium housed with large creep distance
– Ohmic values

E24 Series. For out of range or not standard ohmic values, consult ATE Technical Dept.

– Tolerance

Standard 5%. Available on request up to 1%

– Temperature coefficient

From ±100 to ±30 ppm from R10 to Rmax

– Dielectric strength

3000Vac / 4200Vac peak

– Large creep distance

RB25/6 > 6,5mm

RB50/6 > 10mm

– Insulation resistance

10000 MOhm minimum

1000 MOhm after moisture test

– Overload

5s at 5 times rated power

– Non inductive

Models of equivalent physical and electrical specifications are also available with non inductive Ayrton-Perry winding

These resistors meet or exceed the requirements of MIL – PRF – 18546 G


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