RACE540-27N Square Air Core Inductors

RACE540 Series

Spec Sheet

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Square Air Core Inductors RACE540, RACE550, RACE570, RACE580 Series

Features :
Inductance values from 27 nH up to 500 nH.
Excellent Quality Factor – up to 230 at 400MHz.
High self-resonant frequency.
Ultra-miniature size, hight currents up to 5.7 Amps.
Flat top and bottom for reliable pick and place and mechanical stability.
All value availbale in 2%, 5% tolerance.
Tin-silver coated leads ensure reliable soldering.

Environmental Data :
Operating temperature: – 40°C ~ +125°C, (Including coil’s self temperature rise).
Ambient temperature: – 40°C ~ +125°C. (refering to Irms)
Storage temperature(on tape & reel packing): – 40°C ~ +80°C; 75% RH max.
RoHS compliance ,Halogen free available.

Applications :
Especially for RF applications.
Ideal for high current applications.
Broad band filter.


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