TDK B82732F2451B001. BEC ALTERNATIVE PZ-UR17-104M 100mH +50%/-30%

PZ-UR17 Series
Spec Sheet

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It is recommended that the temperature of the component does not exceed +125°C under worst case conditions.

Storage Temperature: -20 °C up to +60 °C
Operating Temperature: -40 °C up to +125 °C
Temperature Rise<55K.

Test conditions of Electrical Properties: +20°C, 33% RH if not specified differently.

■ Current-compensated frame core double choke
■ Closed magnetic circuit with frame construction made of ferrite
■ 2-section winding with direct winding on the core
■ Sector winding
■ Clearance and creepage distances >3 mm
■ High inductance with low resistance
■ Approx. 2% stray inductance for symmetrical interference suppression
■ High pulse-handling capability
■ Very good inductance/rated current ratio
■ Low height (13.5 mm)
■ Suitable for wave soldering
■ RoHS-compatible

■ Suppression of common-mode and differential-mode interferences
■ Electronic ballasts for lamps
■ High power switch-mode power supplies for consumer electronics


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