Panasonic ELC-08D Series alternative COD0810-1R0N

Spec Sheet

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Small footprint power inductors designed for maximum efficiency And low cost
Industry-standard pin spacings; protective PVC sleeve is available for extra demand
In addition to the standard versions of inductors shown here custom inductors are available to meet your exact requirements

Core material:Ferrite Core and winding loss:
Enviromental: RoHS, Reach compliant ,Halogen free Weight:1.925g
Moisture Sensitivity:Level (MSL) 1
(unlimited floor life at <30°C /85% relative humidity). Operating temperature range: -40 +125
(including coil’s self temperature rise) Storage temperature range: -40 ~+125

Ideal for noise filtering in power amplifiers,power supplies and Speaker crossoner networks.
buck converter,network communication equipment, and etc