Aluminium Housed Resistors OAH Series
Spec Sheet

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High quality ceramic rods are firmly pressed with nickel plated caps pre-welded with tin coated copper wires, on the rods. Resistive wire is wounded and spot welded at both ends on caps. The resistor are coated with silicon epoxy and resistor is molded in aluminium casing for electrical, mechanical and climatic protection, alpha numeric marking is applied with respect to designated value on resistor.

Wide resistance range and power.
Low Inductance.
Pulse withstanding design available

Tolerance: ±0.25% to ±5%
Short Term Overload (10 x Rated power – 5 Sec): Delta R ± (0.5% +0.05 Ohms)
Load Life (Rated 1000 Hrs 1.5/0.5 Hr ON/OFF): Delta R ± (1.0% +0.05 Ohms)
Temperature Coefficient Resistance (TCR): ± 60 ppm/°C up to 100W, ± 30 ppm/°C below 100W
Operating Temperature: -25 to +250°C
Insulation Resistance (at 500V for 1 Min): > 10 000 M Ohms
Incomustibility (16 x rated voltage – 5 sec): No Flash
Solderability (Solder bath dip – 5 Sec): > 95% Coverage
Vibration 10Hz to 2000Hz , 1g, 6 hrs, x & y axis: Delta R ± (0.2% +0.05 Ohms)
Shock 30G, 6ms, 3 times, x,y,z axis: Delta R ± (0.2% +0.05 Ohms)
Resistance to Solvents (Solvent dip – 3 min): No deterioration


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