ML322512HE-R47M-LF Alternative to Murata/TOKO DFE322512F-R47M=P2

Murata/TOKO DFE322512F alternatives

ML322512HE – Molding Power Inductors
Spec Sheet

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1. Magnetic shielding allows high-density mounting
2. Ultra-small shielded power inductor – only 1.2 mm high, 3.5× 2.5 mm footprint
3. Handles current up to 7.0 Amps
4. Excellent mounting strength by SMD chip making
5. Isat means that DC current will cause a 30% inductance reduction from initial value .
6. Irms means that DC current will cause coil temperature rising to 40°C whichever is smaller. 7. RoHS-compliant. 260°C compatible.
8. Operating Temperature Range : -40°C to +125°C

Part Number Murata/TOKO Part Number Inductance (μH)
ML322512HE-R47M-LF DFE322512F-R47M=P2 0.47


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