MIC24A10-0101W-LF3. RJ45, 2 X 1 Port Modular Connector (ALTERNATIVE)

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RJ-45 connector integrated with Filter
Size same as RJ-45 connector to save PCB board space
Reduce EMI radiation, Improve EMI performance
High performance for maximum EMI suppression.
Embedded mini PCI express Cellular modemfrom SierraWireless
Reduce EMI radiation, Improve EMI performance
Certified on all major carrier networks,attractive for network interface cards(NICS)Single port,
Multi-port and Stackable configurations (Thru-hole/ SMT)
Reduces the number of components to be placed on the board

Frees up board space and offers signal protection

Noise reduction in the system

Improved reliability and optimal system performance

Benefits of having shorter signal paths and the reliability gains from systems containing fewer components

Helps manufacturers reach their goals of cost reduction