Type: FDSD0420
Prefix: FDSD0420
BEC Prefix: 420 fdsd0412_fdsd0415_fdsd0420.pdf

Stock correct as of 13/04/21

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Product Range with Stock Levels
Product Code Description Inductace (uH) Free Stock
420R47 FDSD0420-H-R47M 0.47uH Search Stock >>
420R68 FDSD0420-H-R68M 0.68uH Search Stock >>
4201R0 FDSD0420-H-1R0M 1.0uH Search Stock >>
4201R5 FDSD0420-H-1R5M 1.5uH Search Stock >>
4202R2 FDSD0420-H-2R2M 2.2uH Search Stock >>
4203R3 FDSD0420-H-3R3M 3.3uH Search Stock >>
4204R7 FDSD0420-H-4R7M 4.7uH Search Stock >>
4206R8 FDSD0420-H-6R8M 6.8uH Search Stock >>
420100 FDSD0420-H-100M 10uH Search Stock >>
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