CODACA CPAG2222-1R9MC High Current Power Inductor 1.9uH

Spec Sheet

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Assemblage design, sturdy structure.

Magnetic powder core technology provides stable inductance saturation current and low core loss at operating temperature

Hot dipped Sn plating provides low risk of whisker growth.

Low DCR to minimize losses and reduce temperature rise.

Operating temperature : -55℃~+150℃(Including coil’s temperature rise).

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Inductance: (μH): 1.9

Tolerance: ±20%

DCR Typical (mΩ): 0.62

Isat (A): 113

Irms (A): 54

Length (mm): 22

Width (mm): 22

Height (mm): 22

Mounting: DIP

Shield: Y

Core: Composite