ATE PR600 An Alternative to Arcol/Ohmite FPA600 THICK FILM POWER RESISTOR



Electrical Specifications

Power rating: 600W @ 85°C Bottom case Temperature
For power greater than 600W please consult Technical Dept.
Resistance Range: from 1R0 to 1M0
Resistance Values: E12 series
For out of range or not std. values, please contact ATE Electronics Technical Dept.
Tolerance: Standard ±10%. Available on request up to ±1%
Temperature coefficient: ±150ppm/°C
Work Temperature Range: from -55°C to +155°C
Max Working Voltage: 5kV, V  √P  R
Dielectric strength: 7kVac x 60” (12kVac on request)
Insulation resistance: > 105 MOhm at 500V
Creep distance: 42mm
Air Gap distance: 16mm
Partial Discharge: < 10pC @ 5kVac Self Inductance: 80nH Parallel Capacitance: 40pF Capacitance to heatsink: < 110pF Overload: 1kW x 10” Thermal resistance: 0,115°C/W Heatsink flatness: 0,05mm max Heatsink surface finish: 6,3μm max Thermal grease: Required, λ > 1W/mK
Max Torque for contacts: 2Nm (static)
Max Torque for mounting: 2Nm (static)
Weight: 95g

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