5W3 (TTW) series alternative to Toko 5CHT (493S) series

Helical Band Pass Filter – 5W3 (TTW) series
Spec Sheet

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Product Code Description Frequency
089066T TTW3895A-395M  / 493S-1066A 395MHz
089067T TTW3433A-420M  / #493S-1067A 420MHz
089068T TTW3896A-425M  / #493S-1068A 425MHz
089069T TTW3896A-430M / #493S-1069A 430MHz
089070T TTW3896A-435M / #493S-1070A 435MHz
089071T TTW3896A-440M / #493S-1071A 440MHz
089072T TTW3896A-450M / #493S-1072A 450MHz
089073T TTW3897A-452M / #493S-1073A 452MHz
089074T TTW3897A-456M  / #493S-1074A 456MHz
089075T TTW3897A-460M  / #493S-1075A 460MHz
089076T TTW3897A-465M  / #493S-1076A=P3 465MHz
089077T TTW3897A-470M / #493S-1077A 470MHz
089078T TTW3897A-480M  / 493S-1078A=P3 480MHz
089079T TTW3897A-485M  / #493S-1079A 485MHz
089080T TTW3898A-510M  / #493S-1080A 510MHz


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