Type: 13RHBP
Prefix: A7502HY
BEC Prefix: 7502 13rhbp – 2.pdf

Stock correct as of 31/05/20



Product Range with Stock Levels
Product Code Description Inductance Free Stock
A7502100 A7502HY-100M 10uH Search Stock >>
A7502150 A7502HY-150M 15uH Search Stock >>
A7502180 A7502HY-180M 18uH Search Stock >>
A7502220 A7502HY-220M 22uH Search Stock >>
A7502270 A7502HY-270M 27uH Search Stock >>
A7502330 A7502HY-330M 33uH Search Stock >>
A7502390 A7502HY-390M 39uH Search Stock >>
A7502470 A7502HY-470M 47uH Search Stock >>
A7502560 A7502HY-560M 56uH Search Stock >>
A7502680 A7502HY-680M 68uH Search Stock >>
A7502820 A7502HY-820M 82uH Search Stock >>
A7502101 A7502HY-101M 100uH Search Stock >>
A7502151 A7502HY-151M 150uH Search Stock >>
A7502181 A7502HY-181M 180uH Search Stock >>
A7502221 A7502HY-221M 220uH Search Stock >>
A7502271 A7502HY-271M 270uH Search Stock >>
A7502331 A7502HY-331M 330uH Search Stock >>
A7502391 A7502HY-391M 390uH Search Stock >>
A7502471 A7502HY-471M 470uH Search Stock >>
A7502561 A7502HY-561M 560uH Search Stock >>
A7502681 A7502HY-681M 680uH Search Stock >>
A7502102 A7502HY-102M 1000uH Search Stock >>
A7502152 A7502HY-152M 1500uH Search Stock >>
A7502222 A7502HY-222M 2200uH Search Stock >>
A7502332 A7502HY-332M 3300uH Search Stock >>
Prices in the table below are in GBP please use converter for listed currencies. If there is no price please contact sales directly on sales@bec.co.uk or 0845 4900 405 for pricing.

Please see link to TOKO 13RHBP Digital Audio Amplifier series

MOQ 50 PCS 0.87 TRAY OF 50 PCS
100 0.65 TRAYS OF 50 PCS
500 0.55 TRAYS OF 50 PCS
1000 0.44 TRAYS OF 50 PCS
5000 0.39 TRAYS OF 50 PCS
10000 0.34 TRAYS OF 50 PCS


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