02-633F-220M Common Mode Chokes – Shielded

02-633F Series from 22μH to 1000μH
Spec Sheet

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Description: SMD shielded common mode chokes Applications: Widely used in buck converters, flyback, SEPIC, laptops, network communication equipment, etc.
Operating Temperature: -40°C to 125°C (including coil’s temperature rise)
Testing: Inductance tested at 100kHz, 0.1V
Packaging: Tape and Reel
Leakage Inductance: The leakage inductance is for L1 and is measured with L2 shorted.
Saturation Current: The actual value of DC current when the
inductance decreases corresponding percentage of its initial value.
Temperature rise current: The actual value of DC current when the temperature rise is ΔT40°C(Ta=25°C).
Special reminder: Circuit design, component placement, PCB size and thickness, cooling system, etc. will affect the product temperature. Please verify the product temperature in the final application.
Miscellaneous: RoHS compliant


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