02-561F-0303-S1.5K-1 alternative for Murata Power Solutions NME series, Isolated DC-DC Converters

02-561F Series
Fixed Input, Isolated & Unregulated 1W Single Output
Spec Sheet

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Vin Nom. (VDC): 3.3
Input Range (VDC): (2.97-3.63)
Vout (VDC): 3.3
lout Max. (mA): 303
lout Min. (mA): 30
Effi. Min./Typ. (%): 68/72
Capacitive Load (μF): 220

Applications: 02-561F Series is specially designed for applications where an isolated voltage is required in a distributed power supply system. These products apply to:
• Where the voltage of the input power supply is fixed (voltage variation ±10%Vin)
• Where the isolation is necessary between input and output (isolation voltage ≤1500VDC)
• Where the regulation of the output voltage and the output ripple noise are not demanding such as: typical application, digit circuit condition, normal-low frequency artificial circuit condition; relay drive circuit and data switching circuit condition, etc.
Efficiency: To 80%
Isolation: 1.5KVDC
Miscellaneous: Single output voltage. Industry standard pinout. Small footprint. PCB mounting. Miniature SIP packaging style.

Storage Humidity: 95%RH
Operating Temperature: -40°C to 105°C
Storage Temperature: -55°C to 125°C
Temp. rise at full load: 25°C Typ.
Lead Temperature: 300°C Max. (1.5mm from case for 10 seconds)
Short Circuit Protection: 1 Second Max. (Supply voltage must be discontinued at the end of short circuit duration for 0303~0312 & 2403~2424)
Cooling: Free air convection
Case Material: Plastic (UL94-V0)
MTBF: >3,500 K hours
Weight: 1.3g Typ.
Miscellaneous: RoHS Compliant.


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