02-403F alternative for TOKO 10PA

02-403F alternative for TOKO 10PA
Prefix: 02-403F
BEC Prefix: 02-403 02-403F.pdf

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Stock correct as of 09/05/22

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Product Range with Stock Levels
Product Code Description Inductance Frequency Free Stock
381018CT 02-403F-T1018Z / CLNS-T1018Z 1.0mH 252KHz Search Stock >>
381019CT 02-403F-T1019Z /CLNS-T1019Z 1.2mH 252KHz Search Stock >>
381020CT 02-403F-T1020Z / CLNS-T1020Z 1.5mH  252KHz Search Stock >>
381021CT 02-403F-T1021Z / CLNS-T1021Z 1.8mH 252KHz Search Stock >>
381022CT 02-403F-T1022Z / CLNS-T1022Z 2.2mH 252KHz Search Stock >>
381023CT 02-403F-T1023Z / CLNS-T1023Z 2.7mH 252KHz Search Stock >>
381024CT 02-403F-T1024Z / CLNS-T1024Z 3.3mH 252KHz Search Stock >>
381025CT 02-403F-T1025Z / CLNS-T1025Z 3.9mH 252KHz Search Stock >>
381026CT 02-403F-T1026Z / CLNS-T1026Z 4.7mH  252KHz Search Stock >>
381027CT 02-403F-T1027Z / CLNS-T1027Z 5.6mH 252KHz Search Stock >>
381028CT 02-403F-T1028Z / CLNS-T1028Z 6.8mH 252KHz Search Stock >>
381029CT 02-403F-T1029Z / CLNS-T1029Z 8.2mH  252KHz Search Stock >>
381030CT 02-403F-T1030Z / CLNS-T1030Z 10mH 79.6KHz Search Stock >>
381031CT 02-403F-T1031Z / CLNS-T1031Z 12mH 79.6KHz Search Stock >>
381032CT 02-403F-T1032Z / CLNS-T1032Z 15mH  79.6KHz Search Stock >>
381033CT 02-403F-T1033Z / CLNS-T1033Z 18mH 79.6KHz Search Stock >>
381034CT 02-403F-T1034Z / CLNS-T1034Z 22mH 79.6KHz Search Stock >>
381035CT 02-403F-T1035Z / CLNS-T1035Z 27mH  79.6KHz Search Stock >>
381036CT 02-403F-T1036Z / CLNS-T1036Z 33mH 79.6KHz Search Stock >>
381037CT 02-403F-T1037Z / CLNS-T1037Z 39mH  79.6KHz Search Stock >>
381038CT 02-403F-T1038Z / CLNS-T1038Z 47mH 79.6KHz Search Stock >>
381039CT 02-403F-T1039Z / CLNS-T1039Z 56mH 79.6KHz Search Stock >>


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