02-227F 5% tolerance alternative for TOKO 8RHB2

Also available in 10% tolerance
Alternative to TOKO 8RHB2
Email sales@bec.co.uk or call +44 (0) 1844 275824 for pricing and more information

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Product Code Description Inductance Stock
450001CTJ 02-227F-1R0J 1.0uH
450015CTJ 02-227F-1R5J 1.5uH
450022CTJ 02-227F-2R2J 2.2uH
450033CTJ 02-227F-3R3J 3.3uH
450047CTJ 02-227F-4R7J 4.7uH
450068CTJ 02-227F-6R8J 6.8uH
450100CTJ 02-227F-10J 10.0uH
450120CTJ 02-227F-120J 12.0uH
450150CTJ 02-227F-150J 15.0uH
450180CTJ 02-227F-189J 18.0uH
450220CTJ 02-227F-220J 22.0uH
450270CTJ 02-227F-270J 27.0uH
450330CTJ 02-227F-330J 33.0uH
450390CTJ 02-227F-390J 39.0uH
450470CTJ 02-227F-470J 47.0uH
450560CTJ 02-227F-560J 56.0uH
450680CTJ 02-227F-680J 68.0uH
450820CTJ 02-227F-820J 82.0uH
450101CTJ 02-227F-101J 100.0uH
450121CTJ 02-227F-121J 120.0uH
450151CTJ 02-227F-151J 150.0uH
450181CTJ 02-227F-181J 180.0uH
450221CTJ 02-227F-221J 220.0uH
450271CTJ 02-227F-271J 270.0uH
450331CTJ 02-227F-331J 330.0uH
450391CTJ 02-227F-391J 390.0uH
450471CTJ 02-227F-471J 470.0uH
450561CTJ 02-227F-561J 560.0uH
450681CTJ 02-227F-681J 680.0uH
450821CTJ 02-227F-821J 820.0uH
450102CTJ 02-227F-102J 1000.0uH
450122CTJ 02-227F-122J 1200.0uH
450152CTJ 02-227F-152J 1500.0uH
450182CTJ 02-227F-182J 1800.0uH
450222CTJ 02-227F-222J 2200.0uH
450272CTJ 02-227F-272J 2700.0uH
450332CTJ 02-227F-332J 3300.0uH
450392CTJ 02-227F-392J 3900.0uH
4504722CTJ 02-227F-472J 4700.0uH

Email sales@bec.co.uk or call +44 (0) 1844 275824 for pricing and more information


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