Type: DO1813H
Prefix: 02-178F
BEC Prefix: 02-178 02-178F.pdf

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Description: SMD power inductor
Applications: VTR power supplies, OA equipment, LCD
televisions, PC notebooks, portable communication equipment,
DC/DC converters. Step up & step down converters and flash
memory programmers
Operating Temperature:-40°C to +85°C
Inductance Tolerance: ±20%
Inductance Drop: 30% typically at Isat
Δ T: 40°C typically at Irms
Testing: Inductance is tested on an HP4285A @ 100kHz / 0.25
Packaging: Tape & Reel
Marking: Inductance code
Miscellaneous: RoHS Compliant. Electrical specifications at 25°C
Additional Information: Additional electrical & physical
information available upon request

Product Range with Stock Levels
Product Code Description Inductance Free Stock
178F181 02-178F-181M 0.18 Search Stock >>
178F331 02-178F-331M 0.33 Search Stock >>
178F561 02-178F-561M 0.56 Search Stock >>
178F122 02-178F-122M 1.2 Search Stock >>
178F162 02-178F-162M 1.6 Search Stock >>
178F222 02-178F-222M 2.2 Search Stock >>
178F332 02-178F-332M 3.3 Search Stock >>
178F472 02-178F-472M 4.7 Search Stock >>
178F682 02-178F-682M 6.8 Search Stock >>
178F103 02-178F-103M 10 Search Stock >>
178F153 02-178F-153M 15 Search Stock >>
178F223 02-178F-223M 22 Search Stock >>
178F333 02-178F-333M 33 Search Stock >>
178F473 02-178F-473M 47 Search Stock >>
178F683 02-178F-683M 68 Search Stock >>
178F104 02-178F-104M 100 Search Stock >>


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