COILCRAFT 0805LS (2012) ALTERNATIVE 02-031F Series

Type: COILCRAFT 0805LS (2012)
Prefix: 02-031F
BEC Prefix: 02-031 02-031F.pdf

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Description: SMD ferrite core wire-wound chip inductor
Applications: LC resonant circuits such as oscillator and signal
generators, impedance matching, circuit isolation, RF filters, disk
drives and computer peripherals, audio and video equipment, TV,
radio and telecommunication equipment
Operating Temperature: -25°C to +85°C
Inductance Tolerance: ±5%, ±10%
Testing: Inductance and Q tested on an HP4287A at specified
Packaging: Tape & Reel
Marking: Reel label indicates inductance code and tolerance
Miscellaneous: RoHS Compliant.
Miscellaneous: Additional values available
Additional Information: Additional electrical & physical
information available upon request
Samples available. See website for ordering information.

Product Range with Stock Levels
Product Code Description Inductance Free Stock
031F78N 02-031F-78N 78uH Search Stock >>
031F111 02-031F-111 11uH Search Stock >>
031F471 02-031F-471 470uH Search Stock >>
031F681 02-031F-681 680uH Search Stock >>
031F102 02-031F-102 1000uH Search Stock >>
031F122 02-031F-122 1200uH Search Stock >>
031F152 02-031F-152 1500uH Search Stock >>
031F182 02-031F-182 1800uH Search Stock >>
031F222 02-031F-222 2200uH Search Stock >>
031F272 02-031F-272 2700uH Search Stock >>
031F332 02-031F-332 3300uH Search Stock >>
031F392 02-031F-392 3900uH Search Stock >>
031F472 02-031F-472 4700uH Search Stock >>
031F562 02-031F-562 5600uH Search Stock >>
031F682 02-031F-682 6800uH Search Stock >>
031F822 02-031F-822 8200uH Search Stock >>
031F103 02-031F-103 1000uH Search Stock >>
031F123 02-031F-123 12000uH Search Stock >>
031F153 02-031F-153 15000uH Search Stock >>
031F183 02-031F-183 18000uH Search Stock >>
031F223 02-031F-223 22000uH Search Stock >>
031F273 02-031F-273 27000uH Search Stock >>
031F473 02-031F-473 47000uH Search Stock >>


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