Power Supplies for USB Applications

BEC Distribution supplies a wide range of different USB-specific power supplies and adaptors from Stontronics. For example, the Power Supplies range from ‘Plug & Go’ types to fixed plugtops and car chargers. Many more types are available – Stontronics has a range of cost-effective and reliable PSUs to suit any requirement with off-the-shelf and custom solutions.

The original USB specification provides for no more than 5.25 V and no less than 4.75 V (5 V±5%) between the positive and negative bus power lines. For USB 3.0, the voltage supplied by low-powered hub ports is 4.45-5.25 V.

In practice, the amount of current required from USB devices is ever-increasing from 100mA in the early days of USB 1.0 to 2A and more with the introduction of USB 3.0.

The Stontronics range of USB Power Supplies includes higher power options, for example up to 3A of output power (3000mA or 15Watts) in many different configurations.

Also, many USB applications require 500mA or 900mA output current at 5Vdc. In addition, Stontronics can offer USB car chargers with single, twin or triple USB inlets that are stylish and compact and most importantly, they are very reliable and high-quality.

All Stontronics Power Supplies, regardless of the configuration, have been tested, quality-approved, checked and are safe – in accordance with the ISO9001 quality manufacturing system.

USB applications include:

  • Raspberry Pi / Computers
  • Mobile Phones / Tablets / E-Readers
  • Digital Cameras
  • Sat Nav
  • POS Applications – Receipt Printers / Barcode Scanners
  • Hard Drives / Disk Drivers
  • Audio Equipment / Speakers
  • Gadgets / Other Desktop Accessories
  • And many more applications…

Contact BEC’s sales office on 0845 4900 405 or email sales@bec.co.uk for instant stock availability and pricing.