BEC stocks alternative components for end-of-life TOKO Inductors and Coils

BEC Distribution, franchised distributor for Central Technologies, has announced the stock availability of alternative components for end-of-life TOKO Inductors and Coils. The following TOKO inductors and coils are about to reach or have already reached end-of-life status. BEC Distribution offer quality DIRECT REPLACEMENTS

Metallux Thick-Film Resistors

The full range of Metallux Thick-Film Resistors are now in stock – BEC is the sole UK distributor for Metallux. Thick-film resistors offer high resistance values (in the high GΩ range), an impressive electric strength per individual element of about 100 kV, minimal tolerances and excellent stability up to an operational temperature of 80° Centigrade.

BEC Appointed Central Technologies Distributor

BEC are delighted to announce they will now be supplying a range of Central Technologies products. Click here to view the Central Technologies product range we are stocking.


BEC Appointed HellermannTyton Distributor

BEC are delighted to announce they will now be supplying the full range of HellermannTyton cable management products. HellermannTyton is present within 34 companies across all five continents worldwide. Twelve of these sites are facilities producing more than 60,000 products to make your work easier. So whatever your industry they will be aware of your specific requirements. HellermannTyton Philosophy Around 3,000 employees worldwide have taken on the task of developing innovative cable solutions, which are perfectly tailored to suit […]


BEC Appointed Megaman Distributor

Megaman BEC are delighted to announce they will now be supplying the full range of Megaman low energy light bulbs and all their other offerings. How much energy can you save? Old fashioned incandescent light bulbs (most sales of which are now banned in the EU), were very wasteful. An average one consumed about 60 Watts of electrical power, much of which was wasted as heat. Megaman’s LED based light bulbs use up to 90% […]

BEC Appointed Temwell Distributor

BEC are delighted to announce they will now be supplying the full range of Temwell products. Click here to view the Temwell product range.

DFES – Ultra-compact Low Profile Metal Alloy Power Inductor

A new joint development between TOKO & Murata has seen the creation of the new “DFES” series. Combining the best of world leading technologies from both companies, DFES series has been designed for power supply for compact products such as Smartphones and other mobile devices. Utilising TOKO’s winding and metal element technologies and combining it with Murata’s microfabrication and chip component product technologies the DFES series reached worlds best perfomance of high efficiency at 1608 size. Main […]

Power Supplies for USB Applications

BEC Distribution supplies a wide range of different USB-specific power supplies and adaptors from Stontronics. For example, the Power Supplies range from ‘Plug & Go’ types to fixed plugtops and car chargers. Many more types are available – Stontronics has a range of cost-effective and reliable PSUs to suit any requirement with off-the-shelf and custom solutions. The original USB specification provides for no more than 5.25 V and no less than 4.75 V (5 V±5%) […]

TOKO Common Mode Choke for Automotive Power Line

TOKO Inc., has released it’s new series of SMD-type common mode choke coils, which are designed as a countermeasure for noise from automotive electronic controller DC power lines. This product, TOKO UCMH0907, supports up to 5 A, and is ideal for suppressing noise from the large numbers of electrical accessories pumps, air conditioning, power steering, brakes, etc As technology advances for energy saving in automobiles, accessories are being electrified to enhance fuel economy and automobiles are being developed that use electric power […]

Stontronics Plug & Go Power Supplies for worldwide flexibility

Plug & Go Power Supplies are amongst Stontronics most popular products. This is not surprising when you consider not just the functionality of the plug-top units, but also the flexibility to change the AC head to match whichever region of the world the product is used in. The Plug & Go Power Supplies range from 6 to 48W, with options for USB or fixed-lead output. The Power Supplies are bundled with UK, Euro, US & […]

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