LINK-PP have appointed BEC Distribution as their authorized UK and European representative and distribution partner

Effective, 22 May 2020, LINK-PP have appointed BEC Distribution as their authorized UK and European representative and distribution partner responsible for Designing Suggestions, Sales, Marketing and After-sale services. Main products include: · 10/100/1000M Lan Transformer and Filter · RJ45 Connector with 10/100/1000M Magnetic · Optical Transceiver Modules Established in 1997, LINK-PP is a worldwide leader in magnetic telecom, networking components and optical transceiver modules design and manufacturing. The extensive line of state-of-the-art ‘catalogue’ and custom […]

New Product lines: Ingke Technology Co.,Ltd

BEC Distribution can now offer an expanded range of 100/1000/2.5G/5G/10G Base-T (with POE/POE+, 30w,60w,90w, 720mA,900mA) RJ45 connector & Circular Connectors(M5,M8,M12) compatible alternatives for with TE, NorComp, ODU, HOLIN, LEMO, whether as ‘standard’ or customized for every customer, by INGKE Technology Co Ltd, a globally recognised leading manufacturer of: – 10G RJ45 Connectors – Single Port Jacks – Ganged Jacks – Stacked Jacks – Circular Connector INGKE has a strong Technical Support Team capable of helping […]

New range of toroidal transformers and related magnetic components by Nuvotem – Talema

BEC Distribution are pleased to announce availability of a new range of toroidal transformers and related magnetic components by Nuvotem – Talema. Nuvotem’s Custom Designed products complement a comprehensive range of standard devices including an extensive range of Telecom and LAN magnetics, Audio and Medical equipment with worldwide manufacturing facilities include the Czech Republic and India, their facilities certified to ISO9001. Nuvotem are also known WW for their strength in Audio grade and industrial 50Hz […]

BEC Distribution appointed official franchised distributor of ‘TOKYO PARTS Trading Company‘

TOKYO PARTS are a Japanese electronic components manufacturer offering electronic components for car manufacturers and products that support various purposes ranging from AV equipment, OA equipment, Lighting equipment, game machine to communication equipment. Three of the main product lines are: Automotive, Coils and Motion sensors. Automotive parts include actuators. Coils include Switching Transformers, Line filters, Inductors, Antenna Coils and Current Sensors). Motion products include zero phase current transformers and haptic devices. Tokyo Parts Industrial Co. […]

High current Flat wire Power inductor by BEC-SQH293T series

BEC Distribution are pleased to announce a new range of Shielded High Current Power inductors. Specifically designed for power converter, industrial, automotive, digital power AMP, medical, new energy applications. These high current inductors feature low DCR and high saturation current. Other features include: Saturation current ratings over 100 Amps, exceptionally low DC resistance. RoHS-compliant. Tin-silver over copper terminations, operating temperature: -40°C to +125°C View BEC-SQH293T series >>

4 in 1 GNSS (GPS + GLONASS + Galileo + BeiDou) antennas

YIC have released 4 in 1 GNSS antennas (GPS + GLONASS + Galileo + BeiDou). GNSS Antennas are the main interface between the GNSS satellite constellations and GNSS receivers. They capture the L-band signals transmitted from space, which is the waveband used by many GNSS satellites constellations for broadcasting. Since more and more applications like Precision Agriculture rely on accurate positioning, GNSS Antennas are becoming increasingly important for achieving the best possible results.

New up to 800W Think-Film Resistor

BEC Distribution are pleased to announce a new high-performance resistors range: PR800 series These can be used in various applications where the advantages are related to below technical improvements: An excellent ratio between power and volume Easy mechanical assembly and electrical connection Naturally non-inductive construction for high-frequency applications Materials are ULV94-V0 listed Manufactured by ATE, under UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, Cert. n° 9170. MIL, IEC and ROHS compliances with ISO 14001:2015 accreditation View ATE PR800 […]

BEC Distribution appointed official franchised supplier of QH Resistors

July 2019 – Announcement: BEC Distribution appointed official franchised supplier by Xianyang Qinhua Special Electronic Components Co. promoting QH Resistors. QH Resistors are especially suitable for the water cooled high power resistors, and were the first manufacturer who released these series exclusively. Applications include Industrial Automation, Military, Medical, Railway and Control Systems. The company has two large professional Laboratories: High voltage test room: AC-0-75kv DC0-105kv current 100mA high voltage test system, oxide film ultra-high frequency […]

BEC Distribution appointed official UK & Europe Distributor for K-Well Technology

March 2019 – Announcement: BEC Distribution is pleased to announce K-Well Technology has chosen them to be their UK and Europe distributors. BEC Distribution will represent K-Well Technology’s complete products portfolio, provide instant stock availability, delivery information, quotations, volume pricing and organise scheduled orders.

BEC Distribution appointed new official franchised supplier by YUECHUNG INTERNATIONAL CORP.

Feb 2019 – Franchise Announcement: BEC Distribution is pleased to announce adding YUECHUNG INTERNATIONAL CORP. (YIC) to their growing portfolio of specialist Original Manufacturers as a new official franchised supplier. Founded in 1994, YIC is a professional manufacturer of Frequency Control & GPS / RF Products. YIC are also a supervisor member of QIAT(Quartz Industries Association of Taiwan), investor PANRAM and Listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange, stock#8088. Devoted to the research, design, manufacture and marketing […]

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