On all our Central Technologies products the typical delivery excluding holidays is 4-8 weeks.

Premier ‘alternative’ inductors for TOKO, Sumida, Murata, Coilcraft, Cooper, Bourns, Vishay etc.

Are you looking for discontinued inductors (TOKO EoL) – or having to wait for 16 weeks with some manufacturers now even saying 16-30 weeks due to allocations?

BEC Distribution have a solution.

We offer replacements for obsolete TOKO/Murata including EOL types = TOKO 8RHB2, TOKO 8RB, TOKO 10RB, TOKO 8RBS, TOKO 8RHB2, TOKO D10F , TOKO D52FU, TOKO D73C, TOKO TYPE D10F ), Coilcraft, Sumida, Vishay and more.

We can also offer quality alternatives for Shielded Power Inductors, Multi-Layer Ceramic Chip Inductors, Radial Peaking Coils, Open Wire-Wond Chip Inductors, Thin-Film Chip Inductors.

For your required parts, just contact BEC Distribution or send us ( sales@bec.co.uk ) a few details and we will provide recommended alternatives from our huge stock and shorter leads times (sometimes 4-6 weeks).

Need a Custom Transformer, Toroid, or Modification to a Standard Part?

For more information call +44(0)845 4900 405 or email us at sales@bec.co.uk

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High Power, Thin Film, Through Hole, Surface Mount

Inductors, Coils, Chokes

Filters, Transponders, Voltage Regulators, Antennas

Power Supplies, Fans

Transformers, UPS, AC/DC Converters, Inverters

Potentiometers, Sensors

Conductive Plastic, Hollow Shaft, Linear, Membrane


Analogue, Digital, Hall & Meta Pot

Electronic Accessories

LED Lamps, Enclosures, Fastenings, Tubing

In-depth support

Our enthusiastic team has a vast technical knowledge of our franchised product ranges, and we will happily provide technical advice and stock availability, negotiate volume pricing, provide delivery information and organise scheduled deliveries.

Quality assurance

BEC Distribution and all our employees are driven with a commitment to quality and all procedures are conducted in accordance to ISO9001:2008 standards, which we are fully accredited for.

Extensive stockholding

BEC is a “one-stop” stock supplier for: inductors; coils; resistors; filters; chokes; transponders; power supplies; cooling fans; blowers; heatsinks etc.

Wide range of franchises

BEC Distribution is a franchised distributor for TOKO, ATE Resistors, Megaman, Central Technologies Ltd, Stontronic Power Supplies, Cooltron, UPS Systems Plc, Hellermann Tyton and Temwell Filters.