On all our Central Technologies products the typical delivery excluding holidays is 4-8 weeks.

Premier ‘alternative’ inductors for TOKO, Sumida, Murata, Coilcraft, Cooper, Bourns, Vishay etc.

Are you looking for discontinued inductors (TOKO EoL) – or having to wait for 16 weeks with some manufacturers now even saying 16-30 weeks due to allocations?

BEC Distribution have a solution.

We offer replacements for obsolete TOKO/Murata including EOL types = TOKO 8RHB2, TOKO 8RB, TOKO 10RB, TOKO 8RBS, TOKO 8RHB2, TOKO D10F , TOKO D52FU, TOKO D73C, TOKO TYPE D10F ), Coilcraft, Sumida, Vishay and more.

We can also offer quality alternatives for Shielded Power Inductors, Multi-Layer Ceramic Chip Inductors, Radial Peaking Coils, Open Wire-Wond Chip Inductors, Thin-Film Chip Inductors.

For your required parts, just contact BEC Distribution or send us ( sales@bec.co.uk ) a few details and we will provide recommended alternatives from our huge stock and shorter leads times (sometimes 4-6 weeks).

Need a Custom Transformer, Toroid, or Modification to a Standard Part?

For more information call +44(0)1844 275824 or email us at sales@bec.co.uk


High Power, Thin Film, Through Hole, Surface Mount

Inductors, Coils, Chokes

Filters, Transponders, Voltage Regulators, Antennas

Potentiometers, Sensors

Conductive Plastic, Hollow Shaft, Linear, Membrane


Analogue, Digital, Hall & Meta Pot

Electronic Accessories

LED Lamps, Enclosures, Fastenings, Tubing