RWS7 & RWS10 Precision Power Wirewound SMD Resistors

This product has been uniquely designed to meet the rising power requirement for surface mount components.

ARF Low Profile Wirewound Metal Clad Resistors

Flexible design with high pulse capability, ideally suited to braking and inverter / converter applications.

TFBR Stainless Steel Power Resistors

THE TFBR series provides high power density in a low profile package. Designed for easy assembly and supplied with a variety of terminal styles, the film technology lends itself to high frequency operation due to its low inductance characteristics.


Dual Frequency Antennas


- Dual frequency antenna capable of receiving GPS and GLONASS

- Microstrip structure, offset single feed through ground plane and substrate

- RoHS Compliant

Dielectric Antenna Element For GLONASS


- Right hand circular polarization specifically developed for reception of GLONASS

- Microstrip structure, offset single feed through ground plane and substrate

- RoHS Compliant

August 2012 | More New TOKO Products Released!

More New TOKO Product Releases

Following Surface Mount Fixed induxtors and Multilayer Power Inductors released

Multilayer Power Inductors

- MDT2012-CR
- MDT2012-CH
- MDT2012-CLH
- MDT2012-CLR
- MDT2016-CR
- MDT2520-ACN
- MDT2520-ACR
- MDT2520-ACH


- Miniature size
- Magnetically Shielded
- Ideal for a variety of DC-DC convertor Inductor application

Fixed Inductors for Surface Mounting

- DEM8030C 
- DEM8040C
- DEM10050C
- DG8040C


- Magnetically Shielded Construction and Low DC Resistance
- Suitable for Large Currents
- RoHS Compliant
- Halogen Free

Please contact sales@bec.co.uk or call 0845 4900 405 for more information.

August 2012 | New TOKO Products Released

New Product Releases from TOKO

Following new product ranges now available.

- FDSD0415
- FDSD0420
- FDUE0630
- FDUE0650
- FDV0618
- FDV0620


- Magnetically shielded construction, low DC resistance
- Use of iron powder ensures capability for large current
- Low audible core noise
- RoHS Compliant
- Haolgen Free

July 2012 | TOKO New Products - Fixed Inductors for Power Supply Released

New TOKO Products Released

- DFE201610C
- DFE201612C 
- DFE322510C 
- DFE322512C

- Miniture Size 2016 & 3225 Footprint
- Magnetically Shielded
- Reflow Solderable
- Operating Temperature -40 - +85C
- RoHS Compliant
- Halogen Free

Please contact sales on 0845 4900 405 or sales@bec.co.uk for price and availability

July 2012 | CPS20.241 Now Available

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our new CPS20.241 power supply which has recently received UL508 approval and is available ex stock. In addition we have also received UL508 approval for the 48V version of the CPS20 units -CSP20.481. This unit will be available ex stock later in the year. The CPS20 Key Features  Only 65mm in width  Weighs only 1Kg  Wide-range input (AC100-240V)  Efficiency up to 94.0%  20% Power Boost  Active PFC (power factor correction)  Minimal inrush current surge  Full power between -25ºC and + 60ºC  DC-OK relay contact  Current sharing feature for parallel use. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact a member of our team.

July 2012 | New IECEx Scheme For ATEX Units

The following units now also have IECEx approval:  YR2.DIODE  YRM2. DIODE  YR40.241  YR80.241  MLY02.100  MLY10.241  QS5.241-A1  QS10.241-A1  QS20.241-A1

June 2012 | PULS Gains ATEX Approval On Their Three Phase Power Supply Units

PULS UK has been granted ATEX approval for its Three Phase power supplies, allowing them to be used in certain hazardous environments. The three phase units have an output range from 12Vdc to 48Vdc and a power range from 96W to 960W, these will be available on special order for projects. Please see the standard product for power supply specification and ATEX certificate. Any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at the BEC SALES office 0845 4900 405 or by emailing sales@bec.co.uk

March 2012 | BEC DISTRIBUTION LTD releases 2012 PULS product catalogue

PULS UK Franchised supplier BEC DISTRIBUTION LTD have announced the release of its PULS DIN-rail power supply 2012 catalogue featuring the latest products and innovations from the German company’s extensive range. The catalogue gives clear easy to read information enabling both technical and non-technical readers to make the right choices. PULS power supplies are renowned for their high-quality and efficiency with single and three phase input models, from 15 to1000 watt and output voltages of between 5 and 56 volts. Products featured and described in the catalogue include the latest PISA circuit protection module, redundancy back-up systems and PULS’s buffer and UPS range Catalogues are available free from BEC DISTRIBUTION LTD by calling 0845 4900 405 or by e-mailing sales@bec.co.uk

February 2012 | PULS QTD20 Utilises Kinetic Energy to Protect PLC Control Systems

PULS is urging companies to make use of kinetic energy produced by AC electric motors to safeguard PLC control circuits in the event of a mains failure using its unique QTD20 power supplies. Modern production machines use AC motors controlled by frequency converters or servo amplifiers and have an intermediate DC-bus to which all individual drives are connected. By connecting the PULS QTD20 directly to the DC-Bus the need for a separate low voltage supply for control equipment can be avoided. If a mains failure occurs, the QTD20 utilises the power from the DC-bus capacitors, which are charged from the kinetic energy of the motor, to support the PLC until the motor has come to a complete stop. This ensures the control equipment and other important peripheral equipment is kept operational long enough for a controlled shutdown to take place. Until recently this energy was not usable owing to the high EMC levels present, however improved filtering technology developed by PULS has now made this possible. “When power failure occurs it’s the time taken to reset the system that causes the main disruption to production. Even a half-second outage means that you need to find out where you were when the interruption happened so you can restart the PLC from the relevant point. Of course, most people will use some kind of UPS back-up system, but with the QTD20 we can use the energy from the slowing motor to generate enough current to shut everything down properly.” The QTD20 features 600VDC input voltage optimised for intermediate DC-buses of drive systems, efficiency up to 95% with 125% peak load capability, active input transient filter, full output power in extreme temperatures of between -25°C and +60°C, minimal inrush current, reverse input polarity protection and DC-OK relay contact.

September 2011 | PULS UK improves reliablity of wind turbines.

Using super-capacitors rather than batteries to control turbine pitch is a major step forward for the wind power industry and the PSA395 will play an important role in improving efficiency and reliability. PULS UK has announced the introduction of its PAS395 power supply developed to charge the latest super-capacitors used to power wind turbine pitch control systems. Super-capacitors (electrical double-layer capacitors) are rapidly replacing the lead acid batteries previously used to drive the powerful motors controlling the giant turbine blades. PULS’s PAS395 delivers a high-charging current - a two-Farad capacitor will be fully charged in five minutes – and the unit’s high efficiency means that very little heat is generated. Once charging is complete the charger automatically switches to Energy Saving Mode to reduce power losses. The PAS395 can operate in ambient temperatures of between -40°C to +65°C and at an altitude of up to 6,000 metres, making it suitable for all climatic conditions and locations. Remote monitoring and control are standard features. The PAS395 weighs in at only 2.3kg and measures 310 x 154 x 80mm. It can be mounted in any orientation to allow easy installation even in confined areas. Pitch control systems are housed within the spinner of the turbine and revolve at around 30 cycles per minute, so using conventional lead acid batteries presents a risk of acid spillage and poor reliability. Switching to super- capacitors improves efficiency, extends service life and consequentially reduces maintenance costs.